Masterthesis: Patterns of agile and creative methods for Solo-Entrepreneurs – an empirical research

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Lasse Dich von dieser mit 1,0 benoteten Masterarbeit für Deine Arbeit als Solo-Selbstständiger inspirieren. Sie ist Grundlage für die Design-Thinking-Box und mein Seminar-und Beratungskonzept. Erfahre die methodischen Theorien und Grundlagen der verwendeten Methoden und informiere Dich über die Evaluierungseinsichten.

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  • Herausgeber : Books on Demand; 1. Edition (16. März 2021)
  • Sprache : Englisch
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  • Design Thinking and other agile methods are firmly established frameworks in innovation and project management for teams, and many studies deal with their use in companies. Solo-Entre-preneurs as the quasi smallest possible unit of a company are seldom in view when applying these ideas. Their situation also differs significantly from that of larger corporate entities, as evidenced, for example, by the fact that personal challenges can also affect general economic success much more quickly. This master thesis used a qualitative method mix of qualitative interviews, feedback grids and, most importantly, practical workshops based on the Design-based research approach to investigate the extent to which the use of agile methods is beneficial and meaningful in addressing business cases of Solo-Entrepreneurs.